Datsun unveiled the new Datsun GO-cross Concept at a special event at Nissan Global Headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, on October 29, 2015. The announcement coincided with the first anniversary of the start of sales in South Africa,the fourth of Datsun’s initial launch markets following India, Indonesia and Russia. It has been a year since the Datsun brand was reborn, and already more than 100,000 new Datsun vehicles have been sold in these four markets.

“This is a significant day for Datsun. We have successfully completed the first phase of our return and feel proud that through our vehicles more than 100,000 customers have been able to make their dream of personal mobility a reality,” said Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun. “The Datsun mission is to bring modern Japanese cars and services to the emerging middle class worldwide, and Datsun aims to address people’s concerns about whether they can afford a car. Owning a Datsun means more than simply having a car; it is investing in one’s own future.”

According to Cobee, Datsun plans to promote further business expansion in other high-growth markets around the world including Africa based on the core values of “Dream, Access and Trust.” In addition to geographic development, he added that Datsun would also focus on product expansion. “This concept vehicle showcases our vision for a potential Datsun GO/GO+ family expansion in high-growth markets,” added Koji Nagano, Executive Design Director at Datsun.

The concept car has been positioned as the perfect car to take its owners on their journey through life and underscores Datsun’s philosophy of continuously offering something new, exciting and innovative.

To commemorate the 100,000 sales milestone and express its appreciation to valued customers, Datsun launched the Datsun 100,000 Stories campaign in which customers shared the stories of how their lives changed with the purchase of a new Datsun. Winners of the story contest from the Indonesian and Russian markets attended the event in Yokohama.

“We thought it was important for us to learn what the 100,000 stories were behind buying a Datsun,” said Cobee. “We were expecting people to talk about the product, but they talked about their lives.”

Susana Galilei, winner of the Indonesia segment of the Datsun 100,000 Stories competition, said: “Datsun’s top members of management have treated us like family here in Japan. It’s been a fabulous experience.” 
Datsun hopes to continue making dreams come true thanks to the reborn Datsun brand.


[Comments from Vincent Cobee]

“We believe there are a lot of people around the world transitioning into the middle class. It’s not a question of income; it’s about expanding the scope of your dreams. Datsun is not about selling a certain number of cars. It’s about being an enabler of a better life for many of these people around the world and creating amazing stories of people who move from a life of compromises to a life of opportunities. The 100,000 stories campaign gave us the opportunity to hear from our customers, about their lives, their troubles and their joys, where sometimes the only light in their day was the car. The dream of owning a car has led us to develop a business model that is the articulation of a global brand backed by Nissan Motor Corporation and all the knowledge accumulated from engineering to production for over 100 years. This allows us to conduct engineering, manufacturing and distribution in each market in a way that ensures we provide added value to each and every purchase.” 

Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun

[Comments from Koji Nagano]

“The Datsun GO-cross Concept is a symbol of Datsun’s mission to make the dream of owning a car a reality for more people in high-growth markets around the world. It was specifically created to meet the needs and preferences of a new generation of drivers – young, ambitious people who are moving toward their dreams. They are optimistic and fun-loving. They are eagerly starting the next stage of their lives. They want a vehicle that reflects their personality and aspirations, and that fits their lifestyle. The car has spirit and a sense of adventure. It can deal with the day-to-day routine and still have plenty of energy for holiday or weekend fun. It can handle city life easily, but it also loves the great outdoors. Overall, the Datsun GO-cross Concept is a symbol of our ongoing efforts to open the doors to affordable, reliable, modern mobility, and to make the driving experience more dynamic and fun.”

Koji Nagano, Executive Design Director, Datsun


[Comments from Regional Managers]

“In South Africa, we believe in the pillars of Dream, Access and Trust built on Japanese engineering, solid long-lasting vehicles and reliability combined with good design, fuel economy and affordability. We focus on first-time buyers and want to provide a unique and pleasurable experience so that they warm to the brand. So we’ve created a car that is affordable for a new target market for those who have been disadvantaged in many areas as a means to provide freedom and mobility to people who have never had that opportunity in the past.” 

Des Fenner - Head of Datsun South Africa

“We are helping first-time buyers fulfill their dream by providing access to a modern car, which is a breakthrough for entry products in India. We’re a new brand here, so it’s challenging. But our aim is to improve and expand people’s access to mobility. With this in mind, we’re working to make the brand successful and to become a key player in the Indian market. Since the car is made in India, we meet specific needs in the market. I often say that Datsun is “glocal” – the brand is global but the execution is very much local.”

Jerome Saigot - Vice President, Datsun India

“In Russia, the combination of Japanese DNA with an affordable price provides a unique opportunity for customers to buy a car engineered by Japanese and with superb quality. Purchasing a modern, reliable Datsun is seen as a chance to step into a new world and stand out from the crowd. Since the market is in decline, we’re facing tough times. But there is great potential and we will continue development and promoting further growth by maximizing our presence through sales volume, network and lineup development, and brand building. We aim to offer a great customer experience.”

Dmitry Busurkin - Head of Datsun Russia

Although people may think that an affordable car compromises on design, Datsun is the opposite. We blend affordability with good looks so that anyone who buys a Datsun feels that they are progressing in life. They can be proud because the car they own is distinctive. I believe Datsun can open possibilities, especially in helping those who want a better future, a better tomorrow. We want to continue being an inspiration for people. That’s why we always aim to be better than yesterday.”

Indriani Hadiwidjaja - Head of Datsun Indonesia