Starring Susana Galilei

Directed by Tan Hyon-Lè

Produced by Pesona Pictures, Indonesia / Jet Set Go Ltd.


Having our own car has always been our dream. Main reason was for Sarah, our only daughter, could sleep soundly and safe from the rain and heat. One day we went shopping on our motorcycle to buy weekly groceries, we sometimes need to carry the groceries and it was really hard because it wouldn’t fit on the bike with the three of us sitting altogether.There were also times when we were caught in a sudden downpour with no raincoats and no shelter and were totally drenched. I was so discouraged as I broke down in tears in the rain and wished with all my heart to have our own car.

In December 2014, there was an ad in the newspaper of a Datsun GO+ it looks very promising since it’s a really affordable car without sacrificing on quality. Finally, we were able to settle the finance and bought it, changing our lives for the better. This wasn’t a dream. It was real! We are now able to enjoy a comfortable ride with our own car. My daughter can play in the car and is also able to sleep soundly without suffering from the heat and rain ever again. We don’t have to borrow the family car when traveling far and for groceries we can put them in our Datsun GO+ effortlessly. Also my daughter gave the name Dakota for our Datsun GO+, as her acknowledgement for the new family member.The engine is really good on hills and the car handles well even on rough roads, plus the fuel efficiency and Datsun team service are great. Thank you Datsun for making our dream come true.