Starring Olga Chepega

Directed by Pavel Sidorov

Produced by Fetishfilm, Russia / Jet Set Go Ltd.

Miracle Do Happen

Do you believe in wonders and dreams come true? My life has greatly changed. From being a housewife I have become a business professional who needs to be right on time in different places and still find way to be with my children. I had to figure out how to be both a good worker and a good mother. Although heavy traffic and parking problems made me uneasy, I knew I needed a vehicle to make this all happen. I checked a number of sites and visited some dealers, but the prospects looked bleak.

Right then, I found the Datsun website. And there it was, a nice compact car with all I wanted beckoning to me from the screen. I immediately sent my husband to another city to buy me a Datsun mi-Do. This seemed like a miracle!

I couldn't wait to meet my new car. Once I set my sights on it, everything looked much brighter and more colorful. It seemed to be talking to me, saying “Come on! Let's go now!”

All my fears disappeared. I sat in my Datsun mi-DO and set off across Stavropol. The next moment, I was already maneuvering in traffic and then parking near my office. While driving I felt a lot of eyes looking with great interest at the car, MY car!

Every day, I look forward to driving somewhere in my mi-DO. I am happy. I don't need any wonders now. My dream has come true.

Miracle Do Happen