I am from a small town in the East of Java island, in Jember to be exact. Around 2013, I saw an ad for Datsun GO Panca and  in one of the biggest newspapers in East Java. Before even reading the content, just from the look of the ad, I've been interested. It’s a nice car viewed from all sides, I said to myself. Then when began to read the specifications, gee, I was even more interested, and especially when I saw the On The Road price (for Jakarta area at the time), I was thinking, when will this good car be available in Jember?

Finally, just like a Javanese saying, “If it was mean to be yours, it would not run anywhere”. I remembered clearly, on October 2014, I happened to be at a famous hotel in Jember; being part of the wedding committee of a relative. When the stream of guests died down, I sneaked out to to take a break. Right in front of the hotel there were a well-known supermarket, I went there to quench the thirst with a soft drink. When I was about to enter the supermarket parking lot, I saw that there were some automotive products being displayed. My eyes went immediately to the famous car brand product, namely Datsun. Datsun  GO Panca T-Option was on display, and it felt as if an electricity current ran through me; the car looked familiar. I immediately thought of the newspaper advertisement from one year before.

Without thinking, I called my wife to come to the location. After my wife came, I immediately took a flyer on the windshield of the Datsun and my called the number written on it. Thank God, the salesperson answered it right away, and I was invited to do a test drive at the nearest NISSAN dealer. Prior to that, I called all my extended family to join the test drive (they might recruit me as a salesman as well, hahahahaha).

Upon entrance to NISSAN dealer gate, we were immediately greeted by a security guard, who then ushered us to meet the salesperson I called earlier. He described Datsun GO Panca &  specifications, I checked the exterior and interior, then I took the test drive. My whole family was also given the opportunity to test drive, hehehehehe. And right that moment, I made up my mind to buy Datsun  GO Panca T-Option (with installments of course; the beauty of being a lowly employee) and the administration will be taken care of the next day.

In terms of comfort, safety, satisfaction and maintenance, no need to explain further, there is only one word: OUTSTANDING! Two thumbs up, or even four, for Datsun!

In the first month (November 2014), I visited every tourist attraction around Jember area. The second month (December 2014), I took my extended family to the Island of Gods, Bali, for approximately 7 days. We went to almost every attraction on the island (Bedugul, Tanah Lot, Kintamani, Kuta, Sanur, Pandawa Beach and many others). The road condition was not always good; with the winding roads, sharp bends, steep slopes, heavy rain and lightnings. I was worried because when we departed from Jember to Bali, in the Crossing Port Ketapang-Banyuwangi there were some cars from famous brands broke down from various problems , But thankfully what I feared did not happen, and just like my expectation when I first bought Datsun: in any terrain, in any situation, under extreme Indonesia weather, my Datsun GO Panca T-Option remained powerful, comfortable, safe, and most importantly, economical. I was head over heels. To me, an average person, Datsun was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Finally after wandering for almost seven days on the island, my family returned to Jember that night; through heavy rain + thunder + blackouts in several districts on the island. The most extreme situation was, in some areas we crossed through a fairly high flood (about 30-50 cm). But once again, thank God, my Datsun GO Panca T-Option was able to pass through the flood without any problem.

To this day, I often drive my friends and relatives to tourist attractions and other places in various cities in East Java. According to them, regarding the interior, exterior, safety and comfort, Datsun indeed has many PLUS ... PLUS ... PLUS points than minuses.

Thus, one thing that I’m going to say out loud: EXTRAORDINARY DATSUN for INDONESIA!