My GO+ PANCA Is My Sun

3 Sleepless Nights To Look After The Sun. February 8, 2015. A heavy rain fell upon Jakarta, particularly around my house. Initially I was not worried, even though the water had started to flood the streets. But the rain grew heavier and heavier, and the water level rose rapidly. I took the initiative to call Dad, asking him to go home, in case the water was getting higher. Two hours later, because he had to pick up my brother at school first and it had started flooding everywhere, Dad finally got home. Then he immediately started the car to change the parking position, so it could be raised easily with a jack. Afterwards, Dad and my brother started to jack up the car and propped it with 10cm-thick Hebel (soft bricks). Eventually we managed to lift and prop all four tires with Hebel bricks.

Rain continued to fall, and the water was getting higher. If previously the water was under the Hebel bricks, now the water has touched the alloy wheels of the car. Worried that the water might rise even higher, we decided to add another layer of Hebel bricks under each tire.

Until afternoon, the rain was still pouring. We were anxious because we didn’t have any Hebel brick left, so we went to a building material store to buy some more. We jacked up the car again and added one more layer of Hebel bricks. Fearing that the car would drift away in the water, my father bound the rear tire with a rope to a house column.

That night, our family slept in our shop which was higher and flood-free. But until late at night, Dad still could not sleep as he was worried about the car. Alarmingly, it was still raining, though not as heavy as before.

At dawn, Dad woke me and my brother up to stand by; the water has touched the tires. But until morning, the water has not touched the alloy wheels.

Around 8 am, the rain began to fall with moderate intensity. Dad was getting more and more worried; he was aware of the danger if we raise the car higher. But in order to save our Sun, Dad was willing to take the risk.

In the rain, we started to jack up again the car again slowly. Again, Dad decided to add another later of Hebel bricks. Quite risky, considering the previous bricks had already began to crack due to being submerged in water, and Hebel bricks were just simple lightweight bricks which might float in water. Then, the level of difficulty to prop the car again was even higher. With much prayer we continued to work, and we tied each stack of Hebel bricks with a plastic rope so it would not move away.

Thump!!! My heart was beating fast. When adding the 5th layer of Hebel bricks under the right rear tire, the car skidded sideways, though only a few degrees. Luckily, because the bricks were tied up, the car did not move too far. We continued to prop the car. A short break, and then we were at it again. No significant problem apart from the cracking and broken Hebel bricks.

Until evening, the water surface was still touching the tires. If the water rose again, we were done. But the next morning, the water had started to recede slowly. It took one day until the water had completely receded.

After the water receded, we didn’t lower the car down immediately. So our neighbors were amazed to see the car being risen that high.

The afternoon, we finally lowered The Sun, slowly. We took the Hebel bricks one by one, until The Sun’s tires touched the ground again.

The following week, Dad's health declined, and at night he was rushed to the hospital. Perhaps it was because of being "soaked" in flood for days, staying up late every night to monitor the car’s condition, and inadequate food intake. He was hospitalized for 5 days.

Nevertheless, my father was happy because our car was safe. Datsun  is our new family member. So we will always keep taking care of him. The End

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