Datsun GO Panca hatchback was my small family’s first car. We picked white color, just as my son Arka’s request, and the letters were under my wife’s name. The purpose was to motivate her to learn driving, but she was still discouraged.

The exciting story of my little family and Datsun happened during Lebaran 2015 holiday. For the first time, we took Datsun on a long trip to my hometown in Surabaya.

Although many people had doubts that an LCGC car could do long trips, after Surabaya we planned to go to Malang, continued with Wonogiri (the hometown of my late father-in-law) then off to Jogja. We departed on 6 am, Lebaran day 2, and thankfully we didn’t get stuck in traffic. We exited Cipali toll road around 10 am.

We stopped at Nissan-Datsun rest area which was really cool; from comfy sofa to massage chairs, and cold drinks and noodle cups were also provided. Surprisinglya, because my wife and I uploaded a photo of us in the Nissan-Datsun rest area, we got two power banks for free. Our car was also checked by a mechanic. From Jakarta to Surabaya, the total fuel consumption costed only Rp 450,000 of PERTAMAX. It was true that Datsun has been proven economical. From Surabaya, we went to Malang. Datsun’s spacious trunk could accommodate two suitcases, equipments, boxes of apple cider, it was awesome. 

The super exciting adventure with Datsun happened during our journey back to Jakarta. From Malang, we were headed to Wonogiri via Pacitan through the South Coast strip, as we were curious about the beach. We stopped by in Blitar to visit the grave of Bung Karno, Indonesia’sfirst president. At 1 pm we continued the journey following a map app, as we’ve never took the road via Pacitan before. The map turned out to be inaccurate because of poor signal reception, and we got lost in Trenggalek. Rocky roads, sharp bends, steep slopes. On our right side was a cliff, on the left side a chasm. The road was just wide enough for two cars. We lost count on how many times we stopped to ask for directions. Houses were sparse; there was no other cars aside from trucks carrying wood or straw. We felt even more anxious as the gas was running out, the road had not leveled off, and no other people. My wife started to panic because it was almost dusk; she feared being in the dark, in the middle of nowhere, with empty gas tank. 

When it was Maghrib (evening prayer) time we finally reached a small town, and there happened to be a retail gasoline seller. We stopped to cool the engine down and refilled the tankl. For the first time, Datsun was filled with Premium for the lack of better options. For a total of 3 hours we got lost in the mountain, with rocky and winding roads, steep slopes and sharp bends, but my Datsun kept going strong. This was also the proof for those who doubted Datsun’s performance on rough terrain. We didn’t get to visit the beach in Pacitan, and reached Wonogiri later that night. As planned, we also traveled to Parang Tritis beach, Keraton Yogyakarta, and Borobudur Temple the next day. From there, at 11 am we continued the journey home. We got back to Jakarta at 4 am.

Our homecoming journey this year was really exciting. Previously we always took the train, now with the Datsun we didn’t only go to Surabaya, but also visited our relatives in Wonogiri who we haven’t met for years. Our son Arka also enjoyed the adventure. In fact, because of the comfort and cool air conditioning, he was asleep most of the time. That was the story of my little family with Datsun.

We love Datsun more and more, which has been proven economical and powerful in rough terrain. #ceritadatsun