Hello, my name is Arie Sastro. I came from a small village in Batang area, Blado district, in Jono village, to be exact. Since childhood, I had a dream and aspiration to be one of those people who had everything. Such as a family, a house, and of course a car.

I grew up in my grandmother's house in Sragen since the age of four. That was where I got introduced and educated to the automotive and modification world by an uncle.

Growing up, my hobby and creative ideas emerged, fueled by the surrounding environment and my personal development. When I began a family, I've got a Honda LX 89 car, which I traded for a Timor 99, both are secondhand. With that car, I began to pour my creative ideas in the automotive world, but later I started thinking to combine my modification concepts with business.

I started planning, looking for a potential market and analyzing which car would be a popular and a family favorite; then I sold my last car Timor and started looking for a more suitable car for my passion and my family.

One by one, I tested every LCGC car in the market... from A, B, C, I tried them all. Incidentally my business was in interior and exterior modifications, so many of my customers came with an LCGC car.

Considering my hobby, when testing an LCGC, the first consideration was the shape and comfort. I did not like because I didn’t think that car would be a good fit for my family and my hobby. After searching on the internet for quite some time, there was this one LCGC who was not launched yet, called Datsun . I tried to wait and got curious.

And at the end of my wits, when I started to have doubts, I get a BC from a Nissan Tegal marketing named Yudistira on July 13th, 2014. I vividly recall the sentence, "Datsun Go Panca is now ready in Tegal, you can test drive tomorrow, contact me." It was around 13.30 pm. Without even thinking, I called him immediately. And my first time riding a Datsun Go Panca was on July 14th.

After checking and testing the car, I said, "I’ll take it, mas Yudis! I’ll give you Rp5 million as the down payment, but I want it ready by Lebaran so I could take it Mudik,” and mas Yudis agreed.

As of July 25th, 2014, I was proud and grateful to own the LCGC car of my dreams. And by July 25th I reached a new milestone, I was proud because I could buy a NEW car and I was the first in Tegal who drove a Datsun  of my chosen color, as previously I always bought secondhands, hahaha.

When my wife and I drove our car home on Tegal roads, it became the center of attention. It might not seem familiar, people were wondering what brand the car was, but my wife and I was proud of it. Day after day, week after week, finally 2 months later we met one friend who was driving Datsun Go Panca as well. My wife and I was very happy about it, hahaha.

One year has passed, now we see Datsun Go Panca everywhere in Tegal. I’m proud to see so many people choose Datsun Go Panca, hahaha.

Now I have modified my Datsun Go Panca according to my vision, and I am also pouring my creative ideas and doing business with it. Thank God, after having Datsun GO Panca, now I have many friends from Sabang to Merauke. Thanks Datsun Go Panca, I made the right decision by choosing you for my passion and family.

Economical, sophisticated, comfortable, and most importantly, supportive to my modification hobby. Extraordinary, indeed… Awesome!

That's the story of my life, from point 0 to be able to buy a new Datsun  car. "MY GO, MY ADVENTURE." #‎ceritadatsun