My wife and I had been wanting to have our own car, at a price we can afford. We did lots of research on different types of cars in our price range, with their pros and cons. One of them is Ayla, which we had tested driving around our neighborhood. After some considerations, we finally decided not to buy Ayla.

A few days later, my brother informed us about a Datsun dealer in Malang. For your information, we live in the Lodoyo/Sutojayan area, Blitar. We were told, Datsun was an old brand which had been reborn. On December 13, 2014 we went to Malang with the sole purpose to see Datsun. At the Datsun dealer, we met one of the sales, who chatted with us and informed us about the pros and cons of Datsun. Once we’ve got enough info, we were offered to test drive the car to around the town, although only for about fifteen minutes. After the test drive, we fell in love with Datsun. With the engine capacity of 1200 cc, it was different from other LCGC brands. Datsun felt more powerful, more solid, and there were a 7-seater option (5 + 2) with the Datsun GO+ Panca type. That very day, we agreed to purchase a Datsun GO+ Panca in grey color.

Thank God, nine days later, on December 22, 2014 to be exact, the car arrived at our house. We called our new family member Si Encun or GoGrey. From that day on, GoGrey was taking us everywhere. GoGrey’s first long journey was on December 27, 2014, when our family went to Batu, Malang for a family gathering with my in-laws. The distance from Lodoyo to Batu was about 80 km (160 km return trip), with many twists and turns, ups and downs through the East side of Kelud mountain and  the West side of Kawi mountain. Through the hills in Ngantang, Pujon, Panderman mountain and ended in Songgoriti Batu area.

The next long trip was when we were going mudik to our parents and relatives in Rembang, Central Java, in mid-March 2015. The route was Blitar-Kediri-Nganjuk Ngawi-Cepu-Blora-Sulang/Rembang. We had our concerns, because in the previous mudik events we always drove a diesel-engined car; an Izusu Panther ‘94 that we used to call "Tiger", and sometimes a motorbike. This was our first time using petrol-fueled car. Surprisingly, our mudik journey with my wife, Anandayu Widdy Dewanti and our beloved daughter Azkiya/Chacha was so much fun. During our stay in my hometown (Jatimudo Village, Sulang District, Rembang) we made time to drive around town with my parents, nephews and other relatives with GoGrey. It was a nice experience, although only for a few days.

After spending a few days with our parents and family, it was time for us to return to Blitar. GoGrey’s third row was fully utilized as a luggage; because our parents loved us so much, we went home with 3 sacks of rice, in addition to our own belongings; we felt like a moving van. We deliberately took a different route home. We passed Sulang/Rembang-Tuban-Lamongan-Gresik, Surabaya and Porong (via toll) Pandaan-Malang-Blitar. In Malang, we picked up my parents-in-law who was visiting their son.

During the return trip (Rembang-Blitar through Surabaya and Malang) we only spent Rp 150,000 on gasoline; for a distance of about 360 km, taken within 9-10 hours. So economical, which made us love GoGrey even more.

On Eid holidays, we also did the Mudik (homecoming) tradition, just like many other families. Once again GoGrey accompanied us to my hometown in Jatimudo, Sulang, Rembang, Central Java and back to Lodoyo, Blitar, East Java with a pleasant atmosphere.

Since having GoGrey, we got a lot of new friends from all over Indonesia. Not only in the virtual world, but also in the real world. Hopefully, we could take the best care of GoGrey, so it would bring more benefits to our family. Amen.