This is a story about our newly-arrived, long-awaited family member. With the power and elegance to take our family to the next adventures, together in joy and sorrow. It is Datsun GO+ Panca, the future car of the Raisers; the pathfinders of Indonesian families to move forward, and we are proud to be a part of them. :)

To be honest, before deciding on this car, just like many other people who were planning to buy their first car, we reviewed many other car variants. The ones within our budget, of course. We were considering A*ya, A*la, and also B*io; all of them were interesting… But apparently when choosing a car, ‘love at first sight’ also applies. :) Yes, that was what we - my wife and I - felt when by coincidence we saw Datsun GO+ Panca being displayed in one of the famous supermarkets at Gaplek-Pamulang intersection, South Tangerang.

To us, the car was special because of its proportional size, with modern and dynamic body shape, plus a spacious cabin housing three rows of passenger seats. For a car which was classified as an LCGC (Low Cost Green Car), this car was more than adequate; it could even be called a semi-MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle, which was one class above.) All of these advantages made both me and my wife fall in love with it; but instead of being jealous of each other, we were becoming closer than ever. Ooh, so sweet.

Finally, after recalculating our budget (which turned out to be safe), around the end of March, we visited one of the showrooms in TB Simatupang area. Long story short, on that day we booked the car, on the 4th week of April we paid the down payment, and finally in May 6, 2015 the car of our dreams - which we named Maya -  arrived at her new home, and officially became a precious member of our family.


*TERRIFYING = MENCEKAM = MENyenangkan (fun), Ceria (cheerful), Keren (cool) & AwesoMe!!

When we first decided to immediately pay the booking fee and then followed by the down payment in a relatively close interval, one of our main intentions was so during the Eid holiday in July we would already have a vehicle. Thus, we could go mudik (road trip to hometown) in a more comfortable and safe way, and later we could also give a ride to other family members in our hometown.

The day had finally come; a day when almost half of Jakarta citizens were flocking back to their hometowns to celebrate Idul Fitri with their extended family. This was also the case with us. On D-2 or August 15, 2015, our family (me, my wife, my brother, my sister-in-law, and my cute 5-year-old niece) started our journey. We headed to my sister-in-law’s hometown in Majalengka and then continued to Garut (wife’s hometown).

We drove through the legendary toll lane, Jagorawi - Cikampek, and also had the opportunity to pass the new Cipali (Cikampek - Palimanan) toll lane. In general, our first mudik trip with Datsun GO+ Panca went relatively smoothly, although there was a quit long congestion from Cikunir toll booth until the first rest area in Cikampek. Maya’s air conditioning was cool enough to keep the cabin space comfortable, even in the middle of a traffic jam. And whenever needed, Maya could run in full speed with great stability and balance of body.

Long story short, after we dropped off my brother’s family in Majalengka, we continued the journey to Garut through Sumedang- Parakan Muncang (Paramount) -Rancaekek - Nagrek - Leles - and finally, we arrived in Garut; the Swiss Van Java. In this cool town, we solemnly did Takbir and rejoiced in this victorious day. We all gathered to pray and be grateful of our good fortune, health, and the opportunity to meet our family on this sacred and beautiful moment. For the umpteenth time I glanced at Maya; wiping the road dust off of her. Hmm, hopefully you will be a blessing to us too, I muttered to myself.


* EXTREME = EKSTRIM = EKStra (extra) Tanjakan (slopes) RampIng (narrow) & Miring (lopsided)

Two days after Eid (H+2), we were planning to return from Garut to Cirebon through the same route. During the trip, all kinds of terrains were traversed successfully by Maya, our dearest, powerful car. Later we learned that Maya, and of course the ability of the driver, would still be challenged by a really extreme road terrain... :)

Anyway, the middle of our trip from Garut to Cirebon, we took a break at a gas station in Sumedang area; with a picturesque background scenery of lush, green rice fields. In the distance, we could see a fish pond with its calm water, which was very soothing. We know you’re curious… See the picture here.

Afterwards, we continued driving to Cirebon, my hometown. By the way, as an intermezzo, when passing Sumedang we also took time to visit our neighbors in Pamulang – South Tangerang who was also visiting his hometown.

Later that day, we arrived in Cirebon. Just like in Garut, we also got together with our relatives; brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces, giving away pocket money, and I even attended the Silver Reunion with my high school friends. Wow, it was such a busy day. But thankfully, Maya has made our packed activities felt less stressful and more fun. :)

Eid H+3 was the day we had been waiting for, because on that day we would go to a waterpark in Sumedang area, Kampung Toga Waterpark. We had a convoy of two cars only, which was Maya, our family’s Datsun car, and the other car was an A**nza. We drove together until we arrived at the destination.

In short, after about 3 hours of splashing around, we went and ate gurame fish in a Sundanese-style gazebo. After the afternoon pray, we all packed up to go home. While waiting for some family members who were still praying, going to the toilet, etc. we ordered a crushed fruit salad in the parking lot. The fruit salad seller casually advised us to go see a strawberry field not far from there. Curious, and considering that we still got plenty of time, we went on an unplanned visit to the strawberry field. Which was indeed relatively not far, but definitely thrilling, man…!

Initially it just a winding road amid scenic rice fields. After that, we reached the hilly area. The rice fields were no longer visible, and suddenly we had to go through a steep climb and also several descents. Even more thrilling, adrenaline pumping part which forced us to direct full concentration was a steep, long climb combined with a very sharp bend. If we should describe it, Maya was like climbing up the stairs. No bend radius, only sort of a landing in the corner, plus the road itself was just wide enough for one car. When two cars were bumping into one another, the left-side wheels of both cars would have to come down from the paved road, which was only a few centimeters away from the cliff. So terrifying... It made us feel like riding the highest roller coaster!

Even more thrilling was when the road took another sharp bend uphill, which then disappeared behind a building on the corner. Oh no... We had to keep honking, so if there was a car from the front, they could wait a moment at the top. R eally challenging, both for the driver and also the vehicle. And yes... Thankfully Maya and I were able to work together, to perfectly overcome all the challenges of this trip. As the reward, a fascinating, eye-indulging natural scenery of the strawberry field was already waiting for us.

After enjoying the beautiful view, at dusk we drove down the hill and went back home. In the end, we have filled the day with joy and memories, which made us feel closer. At home, after some light conversation, eventually each of us fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.


This is a lyric from the legendary band "Koes Plus", because on Eid D+4 we could already feel the dense flow of cars heading back to Jakarta. According to our – my soulmate navigator and I – initial plan, we needed to leave one day off to rest at home. That meant Eid H+4 was the day we said goodbye to our hometown relatives and return to Jakarta, or Pamulang, Depok to be exact.. :) since H+5 would be the last day of our leave. After buying some knick-knacks, this and that, here and there, eventually at about 10 am we left Cirebon to return to Jakarta. By the way, because we still wanted to visit another relative in Indramayu, North Coast, so we decided to go through the non-toll road, and thankfully it was an uneventful drive.

After taking a break to enjoy some Beef Rib Soup at my relative’s diner, we continued our journey with Maya – our love and pride, Datsun GO+ Panca – we drove to Jakarta via the North Coast, which was not too crowded this year, as most travelers took the Cipali toll lanes. And sure enough, as soon as we reached Cikampek toll gate, the long congestion was immediately visible.

The congestion was finally unraveled shortly after passing the first rest area from Cikampek. We drove smoothly to Cikarang toll gate. At this gate, the traffic was getting denser again a bit, but fortunately some police officers helped organizing the traffic there.

The rest of the journey was relatively normal, even my navigator soulmate was able to take beautiful pictures of sunset at Grand Wisata bridge, Bekasi, from Maya’s roomy cabin.

And finally, with the grace of God Almighty, we arrived at our lovely. Thank you for reading our adventure story with Datsun, The True Adventure Inspirator – a family Car with spacious cabin, Datsun GO+ Panca – Long live!!!

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