Hey, it’s Bailina again here. After the trip to Ujung Kulon, our family was closer than ever thanks to Bronzee; our reliable Datsun GO+ PANCA. Not only that, we also found a new way to make more quality time.

Although we were always busy with our jobs on weekdays, now with Bronzee, we can have family times on weekends and holidays. Here is one of the stories.

"Where do we go next, Beh? The long weekend is coming soon!" I said to Abeh, my husband. As usual, he didn’t answer that simple question with words. However, he always seemed to have the same ideas and feelings as mine about our family bonding. Without a word, Abeh always gave us fond memories, together with Bronzee.

"How about Borobudur?" said Abeh. "What, Jogja? Are you serious?" I said hesitantly, but excitedly. Because I knew, the long trip would definitely be a memorable moment for our family. "Let’s go, let’s go, Beh!! When?” I asked. "Tomorrow. Let’s invite Teh Elis and her family too," Abeh answered.

Without wasting time, I called Elis Jazilah, my sister. I invited her for a road trip with Bronzee to Borobudur. She accepted. So, one day before Christmas, Teh Elis, Bang Dunih (my sister's husband), Abdan (6 years) and Moza (2 years) Abeh, Kun Athira and Kun Shahzad and I, left for Yogyakarta.

Initially I was hesitant to take this trip. Because the distance seemed really far to me, who had never been on a private vehicle to Yogyakarta. Besides, could eight people fit in this small Datsun car? But, for the sake of sharing the happiness and spending a quality time with my sister’s family, I made up my mind to go to Jogja.

The night of December 24, 2014, we took off. Gee, I was really surprised; this tiny Datsun turned out to be very comfortable for 8 people. My family of four was sitting in the front row, while Teh Elis, Bang Dunih, Abdan and Moza sat in the second row. Bronzee’s third row was filled with our luggage: suitcases, bags, and other things.

Indeed, Datsun was very convenient for a long trip. Although the body was slender and petite, it did not feel cramped. Moreover, with the cool air-conditioning and good acceleration, we still felt comfortable during the 8-hour traffic jam in Cikampek Toll lanes for when going through the South Coast (towards Bandung). Plus, Athira and Abdan’s singing and joking made this trip so enjoyable.

Slowly but surely, after 24 hours of travel, around 10 pm on December 25, 2014, we arrived at Jogja. Thankfully it didn’t feel that long. Besides, Bronzes was very fuel-saving. I was really pleased with Bronzee’s performance. Comfortable, safe, and of course economical.

The next day, we explored the streets of Yogyakarta, starting from angkringan (street food), Jogja monument, Gembira Loka Zoo and of course the atmosphere of Malioboro at night. It was really fun. If it weren’t for Bronzee, this long trip wouldn’t have been as enjoyable.

The highlight of our Jogja trip was going to Borobudur, Magelang. Athira was so psyched and excited when we said we were going to Borobudur. "Beh, let’s climb to the top of Borobudur, okay?" Athira demanded to her Abeh.

Well, once again I was glad, because Abeh and Athira who didn’t usually spend much time together, was now getting closer and making plans together. Their bonding made me really happy.

"Beh, Let’s go out more with Datsun, the farther the better, because I can be close to Abeh and Umi." Simple, but meaningful sentence from Athira. Datsun indeed made our family grow closer and more intimate.

For the past year, our family has traveled a lot more with Bronzee. We went to Guci Hot Springs, Tegal, and more recently a 3-day, 3-night trip to Way Kambas, Lampung.

For me, all of those trips tell a happy story about my family. With Datsun, I, who was never big on traveling, finally grew to enjoy it. Who knows, someday we could have gone farther with the Datsun, to Japan for instance. Who knows? Hopefully. Amen .. !!