After spending some time to research on Internet forums, finally I had decided on Datsun GO+ Panca as my first car. 1200 cc engine, three-row seats, eco indicator, immobilizer, parking sensors, MID indicator: wow, the sophisticated technology makes Goplus a great value for money. You can call it the most luxurious yet reasonable in its class. Even some automotive observers deem it comparable with another MPV brand that costs far above Datsun.

A week before my car arrived, I took a driving lesson and the exam to get a license. When I finally got the vehicle registration and my driver's license, I took my wife for a trip from Jakarta to Bandung. That wa my first experience driving out of town. It was fun to enjoy the cool Bandung air. Next, we went to Yogyakarta to show the car off to my in-laws, hehe.

My family in Jambi didn’t know I owned a car. No need to tell them; I’d just suprise them when I go back home.

Then, a month later: my wife and I were already in the highway at 5 am, heading to Merak seaport to cross to Bakauheni, Lampung. I was told, the ideal time to cross was 7am. Unbelievably, the trip from Kemayoran to Merak only caused the fuel gauge to go down one bar; it was incredibly efficient!

At 7 am, we were already queuing at the port entrance. Unfortunately, the ferry ticket to cross Merak-Bakauheni which costed Rp.370.000 could only be paid in cash! I pulled the car, walked down a long way through the passenger bridge, looking for an ATM at the front. When I returned an hour later, the ship has sailed and we had to wait for the next one at 12 pm, oh no...

Because we got the standard R13 alloy wheels, passing through the streets in Lampung with huge potholes was not an easy task. I, who just recently learned to drive, was forced to maneuver here and there. Even on seemingly smooth, long road, suddenly there are 4 or 5 meters of badly damaged sections. So we became familiar with the friction sound of my bumper and asphalt because I didn’t hit the brake soon enough. Forgive me please, Datsun bumper, hahaha.

Another exciting experience was when we drove through a long path across the dense forest with no inhabitants. When the night fell, it was completely dark. Mind you; you’d be frightened too if you’ve ever read the news about crime in Sumatra. So I always tried to convoy with other cars, and avoid to pass certain areas at night. My wife had become my co-pilot, who would whistle like a bus conductor on every sharp turn, hahaha. As I was the sole driver, whenever we felt tired we looked for a free hotel, a.k.a. gas station parking lot, to sleep. For security reasons, we chose busy petrol stations where other drivers rest also. Once we felt refreshed, we immediately continued the journey so we don’t waste more time. At that time, I even kept driving in the middle of the night and dawn, during a heavy rain.

In the morning, we reached Palembang city, which was flooding due to the heavy rain the night before. After successfully ‘floating’ through the city, we took a break to eat ‘nasi gemuk’ on the roadside. Late afternoon, we finally arrived at my sister's house in Kebun Handil, Jambi.

Tadaaa... My sister was surprised to see a beautiful white car parked in her frontyard. After my wife stepped out and said hello, she finally said "Hayaaaa ... You got me surprised. Why didn’t tell me that you’re going home? I was wondering whose car was that … Wah.." blah blah blah.

The next few days, I drove around the town to show off my new car to my other relatives, hahaha. I also went through a red-soiled field and tall grass. I was glad, I could take my relatives around. The eight of us (5 adults and 3 children) went to Muaro Jambi. We also visited my late mother’s sister in Kuala Tungkal (6 adults). Datsun has become the heavy-duty car that unites our family.

My sister’s husband, who frequently drove out of town with his office car, was also interested in Datsun. He said, "Good low gear pull, great for overtaking other cars. Unlike Soni’s 1000 cc car. I wonder why Soni didn’t buy this one," he said; both husband and wife nagged their son who had bought an LGCC from another brand. Hehehe, sorry, Son.

In life, the most precious thing is to share happinessso others can enjoy it too. I was happy to see my third brother and his wife, as well as their two children who spent most of their days in the field, could go around Jambi with me. I was happy to bring my siblings in a Datsun car. I took them out to eat, and then I took their kids to the mall to buy school supplies. "Please, take whatever you want,” I said like a big boss, hehe.

Shortly, I had to go back to the capital, making a living so I can make others happy. My trusted Datsun GO+ is accompanying me across Jabodetabek to realize that happiness. So do not be surprised, in not even 10 months, the kilometers on my Goplus is well over 20 thousand. Hahaha. Thank you Datsun.

Bandar Kemayoran, September 2, 2015. #Ceritadatsun