Datsun mi-DO show car revealed for outdoor and fishing enthusiasts in Russia

16 july 2018

mi-DO show

MOSCOW (July 16, 2018) – Datsun has introduced a special Datsun mi-DO conversion model in Russia, designed for people who love outdoor activities, particularly fishing.

Committed to catering to customers’ needs, Datsun launched this project to study the needs and preferences of the brand’s customers in an innovative, experimental way.

The Datsun mi-DO for Outdoor Leisure was created based on a survey the brand conducted in January on Datsun social media platforms, in which 58% of participants listed car travel as a hobby, while 27.2% listed fishing. Participants were also asked what equipment and features they feel are required in a car for long journeys and an active outdoor life. The car was then designed with the robust Datsun mi-DO hatchback as its base, with significant modifications to the exterior and interior to make it better suited for camping and fishing excursions.

“At Datsun, we carefully monitor the lifestyles and preferences of our customers and look for innovative solutions to address their needs,” said Andrey Chirkov, head of Datsun in Russia. “This unique project allows us to have a real-life case study of the special requirements of outdoor enthusiasts. Through a series of activations planned over the next several months, we plan to get feedback from different stakeholders, which will be taken into account as we move forward.”

Like the base model, the car has a 1.6-liter engine and manual transmission – but it’s equipped with different from production model wheels, offering a ground clearance of 180 millimeters, ensuring a smoother ride and better handling under a variety of road and climate conditions. It has 4 millimeter thick underbody aluminum protection to shield the engine, transmission and fuel tank from mud and water. The roof has an extra set of lamps for additional safety and confidence during night off-road driving. The car is painted in a fashionable camouflage pattern with anti-scratch protective body coating, giving it a rugged, standout road presence.

The second row of seats has been removed to make space for storage boxes that can hold a tent, a foldable table, foldable chairs, fishing rods, rubber boots, towing ropes, a shovel, an ax and other outdoor equipment. There’s even a coffee maker and a 20-liter Danfoss refrigerator, where customers can store food and drinks for the journey and the catch from their fishing expedition. The rear of the cabin features additional lights for packing and unpacking equipment at night. The top of the car is equipped with a cargo box to carry additional equipment. All interior surfaces have been designed to make them easy for the customers to clean after a trip.

The project will allow the brand to reach out to different types of customers with different interests, while providing opportunities to better understand and cater to a variety of lifestyles.