Datsun CROSS lights up IIMS 2018 with lifestyle-themed cars and talk show with inspirational women achievers

24 Apr 2018

Datsun CROSS

April 24, Jakarta - Datsun is one of the more notable participants at the 2018 edition of the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), the country’s second-largest automotive trade show, which got underway April 19. Datsun is exclusively showcasing its compact crossover vehicle – the Datsun CROSS – in three different exhibits at the event, each designed to signify a different lifestyle and travel need.


The first exhibit, featuring a Datsun CROSS equipped with a roof rack to carry surfboards, presents it as the vehicle of choice for lovers of outdoor sports and seaside activities. The second display demonstrates the CROSS’s ample trunk capacity – an indispensable feature for comfortable travel to faraway destinations. The car in the third exhibit has been specially painted and equipped with additional fog lamps to look like a rally car and to bring out the spirit of adventure that the Datsun CROSS embodies.

In observation of Kartini Day (Indonesian women’s day) on April 21, Datsun organized a talk show at the event with two renowned female achievers – race car driver Rally Marina and surfer Salini Rengganis. Both women exemplify the “Be a Life Challenger” philosophy that Datsun CROSS stands for. In a highly inspiring talk, they spoke about the importance of perseverance to achieve success in one’s chosen field and shared many of their life experiences. They spoke also about the varied mobility needs in contemporary times and why they think the Datsun CROSS has what it takes to meet different lifestyle requirements, including their own.


The Datsun CROSS, which went on sale in Indonesia at the beginning of March this year, was developed for young Indonesians with active lifestyles and varied interests. IIMS 2018 is only the beginning of an exciting journey with Datsun CROSS, which seeks to collaborate with many more inspirational personalities across Indonesia to ignite the “Be a Life Challenger” spirit. The journey begins with Salini Rengganis and other participants as they visit one of the best surfing destinations on the island of Java. Visit for further updates.