Special Limited Edition Vehicle on Display at Auto Show in Jakarta


JAKARTA – Datsun introduced the Datsun GO PI (Persatuan Indonesia) Limited Edition at GIIAS (GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show) in Jakarta.

Datsun GO PI

Based on the new top grade of the Datsun GO – T-Ultimate – the Datsun GO PI Limited Edition has been developed with support and collaboration of Tomi Airbrush, an Indonesian modification company. Tomi Airbrush submitted this winning concept at the X-plore Your Style modification contest, conducted by Datsun Indonesia in 2016.

The “PI” in Datsun GO PI means “Persatuan Indonesia,” which is translated from Bahasa Indonesia as “Indonesia in Unity.” Tomi Airbrush proposed the name to reflect the diversity of Indonesian traditional arts, a rich legacy that the modern generation is inheriting. The name reminds young people of the necessity of uniting to protect and preserve the national heritage.

The exterior style of the Datsun GO PI showcases a sophisticated blend of batik patterns from all over the country in red shades. Apart from the unique exterior body color, the car offers customized leather seats, signature grille, badge and special limited edition emblem.

A technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique, batik is one of the most highly developed art forms in Indonesia. It has a long history during which diverse patterns have been created, influenced by a variety of cultures. The interest in the art of batik has grown significantly recently, especially after UNESCO recognition of batik as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Customizing personal possessions, including cars, is a popular trend across the world, especially in such vibrant markets as Indonesia, where the population is young and eager to express themselves in various areas, including cars, culture and couture.

So Datsun made a decision to create a limited edition of the Datsun GO PI inspired by the concept proposed by Tomi Airbrush at the X-plore Your Style competition and developed with their support for display at the motor show in Jakarta. Visitors of the Datsun stand will be able to place an order for this car, a limited edition available only in 5 built-to-order units.

Datsun GO PI